James Addison Palmer III was born in Savannah, Georgia in August of 1970. Addison has spent most of his life on the coast of South Carolina on Hilton Head Island.
From an early age, Addison has been drawing and painting the world around him. Addison comes from a strong artistic background

He had a full scholarship to attend the Chicago Institute for the Arts. He chose Brevard College, due to their strong art, academic and running programs. He attended Brevard College on a full scholarship.

Addison moved to St. Simons Island, Georgia where he opened up his own gallery / studio in 1995. Since the age of thirteen, Addison has been painting full time,and doing commissions, shows, and work for galleries. From day one, he has painted the world around him in his landscapes, seascapes, wildlife and portraits. His work has many private and business collectors in the U. S. A. and around the world. Along with his painting, Addison has been asked to teach painting workshops throughout the eastern United States. ¬†Addison has won and has been honored with his paintings and his support with numerous organizations and fundraisers. Addison was asked to show a painting of his in the internationally known ” Birds in Art ” show, in 2018.

Addison Palmer